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The journal Editor-in-chief, welcomes themanuscripts on a selected theme to update the scientific knowledge in the area of Biomedical Research and Reviews.
Please choose any of the following themes to submit your manuscript:
• The role of tumour stem cells in the refractoriness of Tumours to Treatment
• Cancer Immunotherapy,
• Effects of the Microbiome on overall health
• The role of autoimmune attack in the development of type 1 diabetes
• The latest update on Zika virus
• The latest research on pancreatic cancer, a cancer that in a year or two will be the second most fatal cancer in men and women
• The relationship between retinal changes in patients with Alzheimer’s and the potential of these changes to be used to diagnose disease and monitor progression
The published manuscripts are indexed (in DRJI, Research Bib, CiteFactor, GFMER, International Scientific Indexing, etc.) and also uploaded in the Social media.

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